Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wedding curiosity.wedding plans.

every other boring day begins like today
woke up
well..i ate kinda late
and as usual
i'll go online
and whatever sites that's interesting
so a friend of mine got married last saturday
she's basically my senior
and her pictures were uploaded
and she was so beautiful
then i wondered
how is my wedding going to be?
with who is not the problem
well duh
of course i'm gonna marry the one i love
how will it feel?
you know.
the rush of getting married?
having the idea that you are going to share this life with him
for the rest of your life?
does it make any difference?
i guess
i dunno
it's just questions.
hey, i'm a curious human being
there's no wrong of asking how's it gonna be after you are married
but my reception
my wedding
i want to be themed white and light pink,maybe blue
it must be in a hall
the catering must be awesome
i want red roses
but i pretty much prefer lilies
white lilies to be exact
yes it's very cliche that my favourite flower would be the flower that has my name
but i'm not much of a flower person
but if someone gave it to me it will be so sweeeet~
back to my wedding
i dunno how will my wedding dress is going to be
maybe white,a little pinkish
or white with a little bluish with it
but depends
on my husband to be.
it can't be all about me.
it's about us.
wedding rushes.
every girl has their own dream wedding.
even me~!
it is among of their dreams.
it is something that matter's the most in one person's life
i want to make it a memorable one.

happy wedding, kak nad. 
semoga bahagia ke anak cucu.

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