Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what if?

i'm all alone at home tadi
sume gy bazar
sbb today i'm kinda lazy to go out
nk jadi ulat kt umah
so then diba balek
n cakap gate x tutup
pintu x kunci
and i'm all alone kt umah
diba mcm mara la ckit
tp its just because she is concerned la kan
she said 'kalau jadi ape2 kt ko td, huishh...'
senyom je lah
then i thought.
what if something really happened to me?

kinda scared.

but i pretty much don't care.
if its fated for me, then i'll accept it as it is.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

kucing kucing.

sebab musabab tajok?
saya tgh bersin2 sbb kucing yg comel lg bongok itu
sudah lama tak berblog ini
ingin plak tetibe
midterm telecommunication suda lepas
seiringan dgn itu saya cirits birits
tgh2 test tu bley belari keluar bekejaran ke toilet sbb tak tahan
die pulas baekkkk punya
tp nsb bek sempat la buat test 
kuar awal plak tu
-mode : sombong -
xde la
sbb da konfiden jawapan
so ok la
esok test data communications plak
midterm je memanjang before balik raya ni
bley raye dgn tenang
maybe la kan sbb mama n abah maybe taknak balik kampung dis year
nak raye kat cni je
sedara mare byk kat cni
kt bangi, cheras
dekat2 sume
kelantan da lame da x balek
tp usually raya kat kelantan tak meriah mane
lg meriah kat belah selangor
ramai sedare
makan pon best
back to my jawa heritage
da lame x jmpe sepupu spapat ni sume
sume da besa
da kawen 
da tunang
da berpunye
cmtu je le
x kesa la dgn ape yg mendatang
aku redha dgn jodoh yg ditentukan olehNYA
if ade, maka ade lah
if tiada, maka tiada lah.
hidup still goes on.

cerita-cerita hangat?
ah ye.
xde berapa sgt la
nak beli phone
nak sangat2
tapi xtau la kan
impian terbantut
nanti2 la
tp keinginan sgt kuat nak beliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
grr grr
nak beli beg, kasut, baju and selendang
for raya
dan skarang sepatutnye aku stadi utk test esok
tetapi apakan daya
kemalasan ku melampau
ku berblog sahaja
sbb da lame tak blog
sambil2 dgr lagu yg agak basi

'just a second, it's my favourite song they gonna play'

Saturday, August 14, 2010

rumah manis rumah.

yeah yeah yeah yeah.
hari ni bukak puasa kat umah!
lauk seperti tertera di bawah!
sangat hepi!
loved the crab soup my mom cooked!
super duper happy!
depressed lily, partially gone.

mommy's the best cook ever.
of course i did help out.
anak yang baek lah kate kan.
xpe la
janjy hepi dpt mam with the whole family.

Friday, August 13, 2010


dah lame x blog.
i blog ni pon sbb panas kt bilik xley tido make kte berblog ehh
so...a lot la happen this past few weeks.
pesta konvo lagi
its earlier because dorg nk wat b4 ramadhan
tp mcm x meriah la kan
cm bosan ckit
meriah lg tahon lepas
and erm.....wat else?
oh, it's already the second day of Ramadan
and i seem to not finish my food when bukak puasa
it's like very2 sayangg
there's still plenty of food and i can't finish it
nk kate xde slere xde la jgk, tp slere agak besa ni
tp x abes.
phm x?
so then tomorrow i'm going home to break fast with my family for the 1st time...
and meet my new cousin in law
my cousin got married last week and i could not make it because of pesta konvo
she's only 19..and she is married...haihh
letey la tgk byk cousin yg lg muda kawen lg awal dr aku
makes me feel old
but then, they are going to miss a lot in their life
enjoying the life as a free adult.
really, i do feel they will miss a lot
but then they will have fun their way
as a married couple.
different people different perceptions.
then, lately, i've been really2 happy.
and i'm scared that when everything is right it will go very, very, very wrong.
story of my life. never gets old.
ape lagi eh.
oh ya
i want new phone!
but duett...
i wish i had more money.
trying to save money here people.
lily is going to be super kedekot.

nyte people. happy sahor.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


i'm blessed with the name nor lilliani.
born on the great day of monday (if i'm not mistaken), on the 2nd january 1989. born 9.54am.
as what i read from my birth certificate.
today, 1st of august 2010, i'm 21 and almost 7 months old.
and i pretty much content with my life, i guess.
i haven't blogged lately so there's many to tell, many to be shared, 
and i think i want to redefine a little portion of my life.
i'm redefining little parts of me, which seems need to be defined again.
or it will be pretty much meaningless.
why the redefinition?
i want to move on from everything that is haunting me,
everything that i am after,
everything that is chasing me,
all these unnecessary feelings and memories,
i want to move on, even though they aren't erasable.
sometimes i wished that i just can reformat myself, but then i'll forget the good stuffs too.
so everything happens.
i think too much and it happens.
i get too close and it goes so far.
so i'd rather stay away, or maybe if i want to be close, i'll put up my guard.
and here comes the cliche,
i want to concentrate on my studies and just have fun when i want to.
and falling in love, maybe out of the question.
just because i'm tired.
so i'll just play around, and that's the fun.
twenty-one years old and trying to grow up.
new definition of me?
well.i'll stop pretending that everything is fine.but, enjoy the life with thorns.
it is bitter.it is sweet.
it is just a part of me that wants to be strong on my own.
let's see how far i can walk.

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