Sunday, August 1, 2010


i'm blessed with the name nor lilliani.
born on the great day of monday (if i'm not mistaken), on the 2nd january 1989. born 9.54am.
as what i read from my birth certificate.
today, 1st of august 2010, i'm 21 and almost 7 months old.
and i pretty much content with my life, i guess.
i haven't blogged lately so there's many to tell, many to be shared, 
and i think i want to redefine a little portion of my life.
i'm redefining little parts of me, which seems need to be defined again.
or it will be pretty much meaningless.
why the redefinition?
i want to move on from everything that is haunting me,
everything that i am after,
everything that is chasing me,
all these unnecessary feelings and memories,
i want to move on, even though they aren't erasable.
sometimes i wished that i just can reformat myself, but then i'll forget the good stuffs too.
so everything happens.
i think too much and it happens.
i get too close and it goes so far.
so i'd rather stay away, or maybe if i want to be close, i'll put up my guard.
and here comes the cliche,
i want to concentrate on my studies and just have fun when i want to.
and falling in love, maybe out of the question.
just because i'm tired.
so i'll just play around, and that's the fun.
twenty-one years old and trying to grow up.
new definition of me?
well.i'll stop pretending that everything is fine.but, enjoy the life with thorns.
it is is sweet.
it is just a part of me that wants to be strong on my own.
let's see how far i can walk.

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