Friday, August 13, 2010


dah lame x blog.
i blog ni pon sbb panas kt bilik xley tido make kte berblog ehh
so...a lot la happen this past few weeks.
pesta konvo lagi
its earlier because dorg nk wat b4 ramadhan
tp mcm x meriah la kan
cm bosan ckit
meriah lg tahon lepas
and erm.....wat else?
oh, it's already the second day of Ramadan
and i seem to not finish my food when bukak puasa
it's like very2 sayangg
there's still plenty of food and i can't finish it
nk kate xde slere xde la jgk, tp slere agak besa ni
tp x abes.
phm x?
so then tomorrow i'm going home to break fast with my family for the 1st time...
and meet my new cousin in law
my cousin got married last week and i could not make it because of pesta konvo
she's only 19..and she is married...haihh
letey la tgk byk cousin yg lg muda kawen lg awal dr aku
makes me feel old
but then, they are going to miss a lot in their life
enjoying the life as a free adult.
really, i do feel they will miss a lot
but then they will have fun their way
as a married couple.
different people different perceptions.
then, lately, i've been really2 happy.
and i'm scared that when everything is right it will go very, very, very wrong.
story of my life. never gets old.
ape lagi eh.
oh ya
i want new phone!
but duett...
i wish i had more money.
trying to save money here people.
lily is going to be super kedekot.

nyte people. happy sahor.

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