Monday, May 31, 2010


hey it's not my fault
blame tumblr for making me not blogging here recently
enjoy my other blog
full of pictures.
not mine anyways.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wedding plans.

every other boring day begins like today
woke up
well..i ate kinda late
and as usual
i'll go online
and whatever sites that's interesting
so a friend of mine got married last saturday
she's basically my senior
and her pictures were uploaded
and she was so beautiful
then i wondered
how is my wedding going to be?
with who is not the problem
well duh
of course i'm gonna marry the one i love
how will it feel?
you know.
the rush of getting married?
having the idea that you are going to share this life with him
for the rest of your life?
does it make any difference?
i guess
i dunno
it's just questions.
hey, i'm a curious human being
there's no wrong of asking how's it gonna be after you are married
but my reception
my wedding
i want to be themed white and light pink,maybe blue
it must be in a hall
the catering must be awesome
i want red roses
but i pretty much prefer lilies
white lilies to be exact
yes it's very cliche that my favourite flower would be the flower that has my name
but i'm not much of a flower person
but if someone gave it to me it will be so sweeeet~
back to my wedding
i dunno how will my wedding dress is going to be
maybe white,a little pinkish
or white with a little bluish with it
but depends
on my husband to be.
it can't be all about me.
it's about us.
wedding rushes.
every girl has their own dream wedding.
even me~!
it is among of their dreams.
it is something that matter's the most in one person's life
i want to make it a memorable one.

happy wedding, kak nad. 
semoga bahagia ke anak cucu.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bosan?Tanyalah saya soalan!

tanye lagi.dan lagi. =)

geli-geli perut part 2.

sadis plus berbaur lucah sedikit.


Why Malaysian Government insists on using English for math and science?

This is because the whole world uses the language as an information and/or technology language. How dangerous it will be if we try to use Bahasa , especially in school. See example below:-

Hardware = barangkeras

Software = baranglembut... 

Joystick = batang gembira

Plug and Play = cucuk dan main

Port = lubang

Server = pelayan

Client = pelanggan

Try to translate this:


That server gives a plug and play service to the client using either hardware or software joystick. The joystick goes into the port of the client.

Now in BAHASA:

Pelayan itu memberi pelanggannya layanan cucuk dan main dengan menggunakan batang gembira jenis keras atau lembut. Batang gembira itu akan dimasukkan ke dalam lubang pelanggan.

**** lagi.

Teruna: Akhirnya inilah saat yang aku tunggu sekian lama
Dara: Apakah kau rela kalau aku pergi?

Teruna: Tentu tidak! Jangan sesekali kau berfikiran begitu!
Dara: Apakah kau mencintaiku?

Teruna : Tentu! Selamanya akan tetap begitu!
Dara: Apakah kau pernah berlaku curang?

Teruna: Tidak ! Aku tak akan melakukan hal seburuk itu!
Dara: MAhukah kau menciumku?
Teruna: Ya! 

Dara: Sayangku....!

....Sesudah 5 tahun perkahwinan....

Sila baca dari bawah keatas.

somewhat true.

Tiga orang Jeneral dunia sedang bertanding keberanian tentaranya dan untuk membuktikannya masing masing jeneral memerintahkan salah satu Askarnya untuk mengikuti arahannya :

1. Jepun

Jeneral : Askar maju sini

Askar : Siap Jeneral

Jeneral : Tangkap peluru yang saya tembakan ke tubuh kamu

Askar : Siap Jeneral

Peluru langsung ditembakan dan kerana jaraknya terlalu dekat maka si Askar tidak dapat menangkapnya dan langsung mati.
Si jeneral dengan bangga mengatakan .lihat Askar saya sangat berani dan siap mati.

2. Jerman
Jendral : Askar maju sini
Askar : Siap jeneral
Jeneral : Tangkap peluru dari rpg yang saya tembak
Askar : Siap Jeneral
Peluru meluncur cepat dan Askar yang menangkap hancur berantakan
Si Jeneral sangat bangga dan bilang. Askar saya lebih berani bahkan untuk menangkap bom rpg.

3. Indonesia
Jeneral : Askar maju sini
Askar : Siap Jeneral
Jeneral : Sebrangi ladang periuk api dengan berlari cepat
Askar : Tidak mau jeneral !
Jendral : Sebrangi cepat !!
Askar : Tidak mau jeneral !
sampai tiga kali sang jeneral memerintahkan Askarnya, namun tetap di tolak.
Si Jeneral berkata...Lihat Askar saya yang paling berani. perintah jendral langsung bisa dia tolak.

check this out.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

yes.i never get tired of this.

Kajian Mengenai Bulan dan sikap anda, yang telah dijalankan oleh Yang Berbahagia Dato' Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah.

Lily lahir pada bulan Januari.
Sifat orang yang lahir pada bulan Januari biasanya:

1: Bercita-cita tinggi dan orangnya serius, suka mendidik dan dididik.

2: Sangat mudah melihat kelemahan orang dan suka mengkritik.

3: Rajin dan setiap yang dibuat nampak keuntungan.

4: Suka pada kecantikan, kekemasan dan teratur.

5: Bersifat sensitif dan berfikiran mendalam.

6: Pandai mengambil hati orang lain.

7: Pendiam kecuali telah dirangsang.

8: Agak pemalu dan mempunyai daya tumpuan yang sangat tinggi.

9: Mudah mendisiplinkan diri sendiri.

10: Badannya sihat tetapi mudah diserang selsema.

11: Bersikap romantik tetapi tidak pandai memperlihatkannya.

12: Cukup sayang pada kanak-kanak.

13: Suka duduk di rumah.

14: Setia pada segala-galanya.

15: Perlu belajar kemahiran bersosial.

16: Sifat cemburu yang sangat tinggi.

Kajian Oleh: Dato Dr Haji Fadzilah Kamsah

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shoot. =)



pretty much.

in and out.up and down.

interpret those words.
yeah i got a problem
i'm always caught in situations
with the wrong timing
wrong places
wrong persons
wrong decisions
it all just came to me just now
thank you scrubs for teaching me this
-i was watching scrubs ok?-
and sometimes i want things to be right
they go all wrong
and i ended up frustrated
then i taught myself how to cope with that frustration
i keep away from people
and put on a shield
which thankfully my face is a gift
my face is a natural sour-face
most people said i'm sombong
thank you
i'm not sombong
i just don't want to get stuck in stupid situations
and be frustrated in the end
and i have to do the cycle all over again
got stuck in a certain situation
put on high hopes
high hopes crumbles
shield-on:sour face.
and then labelled 'sombong'
whatever you call it.
i'm trying to live here
don't make my life more miserable than it is
cause i'm pathetic
cause i make mistakes a lot
it's not really my fault that i was stuck in this stupid god-forsaken situations
i don't want to blame anyone on this
because i can't
i won't

i'm just miserable.
what is wrong with it?
everyone is.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

movie frenzy

shrek forever after
prince of persia
robin hood
i want to do that in one day.
anyone wanna join me for the marathon?

some facts!!!

haha!so i can crack any of my joints now!hahahaha XD


Cracking your knuckles does not actually hurt your bones or cause arthritis. The sound you hear is just gas bubbles bursting. 

Cracking your knuckles (or any of your joints) can have therapeutic benefits. When you crack one of your joints you are pulling the bones that are connected at the joint apart from each other. This process stimulates your tendons, relaxes your muscles, and loosens your joints. Chiropractors do this for spinal joints when your back is sore and stiff, but you can do this on your own for your knuckles, toes, knees, neck, etc. 

Unfortunately, there can be too much of a good thing. Cracking your knuckles will never lead to arthritis (despite what your mom keeps telling you), but scientists have discovered that it can cause tissue damage in the affected joints. Knuckle-cracking pulls your finger bones apart which stretches your ligaments. Too much stretching of your ligaments will cause damage to your fingers akin to the arm injuries sustained by a baseball pitcher who throws too many pitches. In addition to making your hand really sore, this ligament damage can also result in reduced grip strength. 

How does this work? Your joints, the places in your body where you can bend, are where your bones intersect and are held together by ligaments. These joints are surrounded by a liquid called synovial fluid. When you stretch your ligaments by pulling the bones apart to crack your knuckles a gas in the synovial fluid escapes and turns into a bubble. This process is called cavitation. Cavitation ends when the bubble eventually bursts, producing that popping sound we know and love. After that, your joints won't be able to crack for another 25-30 minutes while the gas gets reabsorbed into the synovial fluid.


my sis just opened up a website
it's still new
but check it out

one night of nonsense

something is definately wrong with me today
no idea why
but i kept on thinking of stupid things.
really stupid things
like today
when i was cleaning up the kitchen
doing the dishes and stuff
i held a knife
and wondered how painful is it if i stuck it through my chest
am i gonna die?
or survive it?
and what if
i swallowed a dozen of panadols
and drank coke with it
how does that feels?
because i know people who do these stupid stuff
i just don't know why they do it
since i don't
i came up with my own conclusions
based on what i feel 
these people
they can't handle the pressure
it hurts them so badly
so bad that only death can erase the pain away
instead of moving on
they found a fast solution
which i think is death
oh i thought of it too
'i wish i could just slit my left hand and let the blood drain out of me'
but i didn't have the guts
what would my family do
if i committed suicide
i don't want to be stupid 
so i gathered up my strength
and trying to be strong enough not to do stupid things
eventually i do
nothing life-wrecking =)
but that's the beauty of life
'sometimes in agony,sometimes in pain'
and some other times
try to be happy
in any possible ways.

it's just a reminder that i might do stupid things.
i almost did.and held myself against it.
help me be strong to live.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

di rumah.bahagian 1

aku baru je meneleng2 kepala
membunyikan tengkok2 aku ni
*krak krak*
'adik.skali tkehel pale ko bru ko tau.'
kadang2 kne tomahan dr mimi
salahkan akak la
sape suh aja aku teleng2 pale cmtu?
kan dah suke
mmg osteoporosis dtg awal la kt aku
btol ke aku eja kejadah tu?huhuhuk
pjg umo mimi
akhirnye turun dari mimpi
lalu tros bukak cte sex n the city
aku bukan lyn sgt pon
minah2 yg bekerjaya yg berumur hampir 40
yang sentiase sebok dgn 'affairs' dorg
what i can conclude from that show lah kan
and monologues.typical lah
mcm desperate housewives lah
tp cme the monologue was done by the dead person
ntah la
nape aku dok tenong cite sex and the city
yang tak pernah2 aku tgk
tibe2 mlayan smpi 2 episod
layan je lah xde cite len nk tgk kan
n tibe2 nk nom teh ais kan
malasnye nk buat
nk wat ice blended coffee
tp coffee xde plak la kan
n skarang
jam di laptop menunjukkan sudah 1.54am
ku sudahi post ini dengan penuh bergaya.

tamat bahagian 1.

Monday, May 17, 2010

personality test.

as usual.
i like to take these personality quizzes and test
it is what i like to do
i found out that i'm an introvert.
what is an introvert?


They are generally quiet and reserved. They like to keep to themselves and are quite happy with their own thoughts and feelings. They do not actively need the company of others, will tend to feel uncomfortable in social situations and are unlikely to actively pursue social gatherings. They will not often feel driven to exchange views with others and often are happiest engaged in solitary activities that do not involve constantly having to interact with people.

In the workplace, introverts are often seen as shy, rather restrained and somewhat distant or aloof. Consequently, they are often overlooked. They are usually good at working on their own or in small groups without needing to rely on outside support and guidance. This is an important asset in many jobs. Where they have good knowledge and expertise, introverts can be just as assertive as extraverts.

This result is only a snapshot of your personality. It does not mean that you necessarily behave in the way described above, or more importantly that you only behave in one way. If, like most people, you occupy the middle ground between the two extremes, sometimes you will behave in one way, sometimes in another.

Nevertheless, from time to time most of us feel we would like to widen our behavioral  repertoire and we often show this by admiring the qualities we see in others. If you examine the table below, you may be able to identify things that you admire in others or areas where you would like to improve. Some development activities are suggested under each personality type.

somehow true.
and here's more of the personality test.

INFPs feel internal turmoil when they find themselves in situations in which there is conflict between their inner code of ethics and their relationships with others. They feel caught between pleasing others and maintaining their own integrity. Their natural tendency to identify with others, compounded with their self-sacrificial dispositions, tends to leave them confused as to who they really are. Their quiet personalities further feeds their feelings of depersonalization. The INFP's quest for self-identity then seems even more alluring — but increasingly impossible to attain.

As with all NFs, the INFP will feel lost and perplexed at stressful times. As stress builds, INFPs become disconnected from their own personality and perceived place in life. They will lose sight of who they are in relation to time and place. They may not make basic observations, while instead they will focus on the more abstract and symbolic meanings of a particular interaction. This can sometimes baffle those who expect more direct communication and a fairly concrete relationship.

This lists represent careers and jobs people of your type tend to enjoy doing. The job requirements are similar to the personality tendencies of your personality type. It is important to remember that this is not a list of all the jobs possible. And it is very important to remember that people can, and frequently do, fill jobs that are dissimilar to their personality... this happens all the time...and sometimes works out quite well.

college professor
legal mediator
social worker
holistic health...practitioner
occupational therapist
diversity manager
human resource...development specialist
employment development...specialist
writer: poet/novelist
editor/art director
organizational development...specialist

pretty interesting.
try it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

zaman matrikulasi.

mereka ni.
kawan2 ku masa di matrikulasi
da lama x tgk gamba ni

tp mmg x dpt dinafikan
zmn matrik la
zmn paling best.


the one on the left 
'la familia'
we called us
mlm2 slalu lepak dkt the 'curve' kt tgh2 lab punye building
ye..dgn mereka2 inilah aku kne simbah n pecah telor mse bday
the right one is me n bella
ni mase outing kot
n ktorang tdo ramai2 dlm hotel
1 bilik tu 10 org ok?
muat tau
tu la habesnye rm1000 yg dibekalkan kpd kami

yg ni mse gi men boling..
ade cermin2 kan
ape lagi
lanyak la cermin tu
kne amek gamba
n baju merah tu baju kebanggaan kmm la
ape lagi kan
tp siyes suke baju tu
da lame x pakai sbb xtau ktne kan..huhu

ni mse jamuan raya
ade la diorg wat mcm open house mcm tu kan
n sesat roti gardinia tu xtau cmne

 ni pon mse jamuan raya tu
mereka ni sgt best kalo lepak bersama2
kalo sume kt dlm satu bilik
kecoh ok
kne sound ngan felo

ni minah2 pingitan F6T5
from left,bella,me,pnut,n nadya
kalo kemane2 ktorang berempat lah
tp lps nad kua
kitorang bertiga je
n kemane2 mmg ktorang bertiga lah
nk ckp femes x la kan
tp org kenal
sbb dok ktorang bertiga je kan
hehe mse ujian penilaian semester yg 1st
cm gampang rasenye mjawab test cmtu
sbb score 0.98 je
nsb bek ups kan
sgt tekejotttt~

mcm2 la
ms matrik la aku break 
ms matrik la aku bukak otak aku ckit
ms matrik la aku bru tau kewujudan utem 
menyesal gak x study btol2 mse matrik
sbb dulu nk amek aerospace
or major in chemistry
tp xde rezeki kan
nk wat cmne...
ok jugaklah kan utem ni
dpt jmpe kwn2 sengal
some people say
kawan2 kt universiti ni lah kawan selama2nye
i guess they are right.


Thomas Cup finals.

skarang di kaca tv
kaca la tu kan
sedang menyaksikan final piala thomas
china vs indonesia
and Lin Dan won the 1st round
n now the 1st doubles 
penuh jugak la stadium putra itu
teringin nak pegi
but i rather sit at home
and jadi ulat kat rumah
nak memalaskan diri kat umah
aku dah xtau la kan nk buat ape ni
so sekadar menyaksikan final thomas cup di rumah pon memadai..

*setelah beberapa minit..maybe nak dekat sejam*

china telah menewaskan indon buat kali keduannya
dan aku hendak mhirup2 ice blended coffe skarang ini
oh tidak
aku da kembali meminum coffee~
tamat riwayat aku
skarang aku sdg myaksikan chen jin melawan simon santoso
sambil2 menaip ini lah
hebat x aku
tapi aku rase mcm china yang menang

aku tgh bosan ni
paham2 je la
rajen nk menaip je ni
nnt kalo ade bnde cmbest aku post lah ye

go China~!


i need to watch it
it's kinda interesting.
anyone with a complete season 1????


Saturday, May 15, 2010

prince of persia.

nak tengok!

haih.mmg nasib cmni nk wat cmne

dgn smalam xley tido
n hari ni prot ku stat mermurlas-murlas
*menaip dgn posisi yg agak kelaka*
i'm suppose to have my ujian undang2 today
2 jam je aku tdo smalam
bgn kul 6.45
msg org tu
tnye kul brape nk gi ujian
x dibalas
aku siap je la kan
bace la last menet
dan prot mule bermain2
pulas sane,pulas sini
kalau pulas2 kurus xpe jugak la kan
n akhirnye aku terlelap
dan tepat jam 12pm
aku mnerima msg dr bliau
'kte g test 12.30pm,jmp kt ofis,tq'

oh,aku dengan mata yg berat bagaikan gajah yg memijak2 di kelopak mata ku yg agak beralis pjg ini


bertungkus lumus la siap
dgn saket prot nye
n then
da kua umah ni..halfway dah jalan
nsb bek x lintas lg
trperasan la IC xde
kt mama
ckp la ngan org tu IC xde
tunda la
tp xtau la ble
sok kot.
more time to read
padahal aku da ulang2 buku 500 soklan tu
*mode = bangga*
pulanglah ke rumah
oh loya,dan semakin die memulasssss~
nk wat teh pekat
tp malas
dan panas
ley je wat teh pekat sejuk
lg mujarab kalo ade limau tp xde la mama...
nk mkn tp takot telan kua balik
membazir je

pengajaran of the story?
ko mmg selalu unlucky.
dah naseb.

Would you rather be rich or famous?

both,but if asked..i wanna be rich.when you r rich you can buy fame.convenient world huh? =D

Ask me anything

problem ini sangat serious rasenye.

saya xley tido
cm biase aku cbe nk tdokan diri ni
tp xley la plak kan
parak la cmni
aku bangon
on streamyx on laptop pastu blog lagi
xley tido pnye pasal.
cubaan tido buat kali ke-2

Ask me anything

a glimpse of my life back in kelantan.

i went back to kelantan a few days ago
these are what i manage to take
juz a little glimpse of here n there

this is my sister's medals and trophys collection
they were state badminton players
and mine was just a few from school
really2 few...haha
and on the right is my mom's glass collection
it's been there for ages
n agak berhabok la sbb lame x bukak

my home is exactly infront of that hill
tp malangnye bukit itu bernama
Bukit Panau
cam sengal
pokok2 bunga cm x terurus ckit
cuz usually my mom is the one who manages them
it was so flowery when we lived there
but now
it's juz lalang.
i didn't take much picture of it

this was in my grandmother's house
it's still there and still standing strong
now my aunt lives here
juz a few differences here n there
it was painted new
and the picture below was the latest picture of the house
n there's my cousin sleeping
cute little adam.

it was all a piece of me.
i grew up playing around this house
we would play around
and the house will shake about
n i kinda get scared wether is going down or not
and i'll sit quietly
and my cousins and i will usually go to the shop next door
and by junk food and stuffs
and play around

the good old days.
 more to come.

geli geli perut mari? =D

dah lepas geram kat bawah tu kan
meh kte geli2 kan prot
something i found somewhere
things like these make your day

Seorang guru tadika sedang memupuk rasa percaya diri kepada pelajarnya-pelajarnya. Guru tersebut meminta mereka untuk memperkenalkan diri sekaligus memberitahu tentang cita-cita mereka.

Abu berdiri dan berkata, “Nama saya Abu bin Dolah. Bila besar nanti saya ingin jadi juruterbang, jadi bolehlah saya pergi ke Australia, Eropah, Iraq dan sebagainya”.

“Bagus Abu. Terima kasih. Siapa lagi?”, tanya cikgu.

Seorang pelajar perempuan yang duduk di tepi berdiri dan berkata, “Nama saya Noni binti Samad. Kalau besar nanti, Noni nak jadi suri rumah tangga dan mempunyai anak-anak yang comel”.

“Bagus. Jadi suri rumah tangga merupakan cita-cita yang mulia. Siapa lagi?”.

Seman berdiri dan berkata, “Saya Seman bin Leman, bila besar nanti saya bercita-cita untuk membantu Noni mencapai cita-citanya…”.
yang ni dah agak lame tp still funny when u read it.
Hasan Jendul nak belikan hadiah harijadi untuk kekasih barunya, Mek Ayu. So si Hasan ni pun ajaklah adik perempuan sepupunya untuk temankan dia shopping kat Sogo. Oleh kerana Hasan Jendul dan Mek Ayu baru dua bulan berkawan jadi si Hasan Jendul membuat keputusan untuk membelikan Mek Ayu satu topi kain fesyen baru saje, supaya taklah nampak dia beriya-iya sangat. Adik sepupu Hasan pulak pegi beli satu seluar dalam hitam berbunga-bunga baru sebab ada sale hari tu. Masa membayar,dengan tak sengaja cashier dah tertukar kotak topi kain hitam tu dengan seluar dalam hitam adik Hasan Jendul! Selepas membayar Hasan Jendul pun terus pergi kaunter hadiah dan suruh diorang bungkus tanpa check dulu. Kemudian dia balik ke rumah dan tulis surat untuk Mek Ayu serta mengeposkannya bersama hadiah yang dah tersilap tu.

(Dan surat yang dia tulis tu berbunyi cam nie);

Istimewa untuk kekasihku Mek Ayu,

San pilih hadiah nie kerana Ayu tak pernah pakai bila kita keluar jalan-jalan dan selalu mengadu sebab panas. Kalau bukan sebab pasal adik sepupu San, San dah nak beli yang lagi jarang supaya kalau berpeluh tak lembap sangat. Tapi San tengok adik sepupu San pakai yang ada bunga tu nampak cantik pulak. San pilih warna hitam tu supaya tak nampak kotor. Promoter yang jual tu tunjuk dia punya dah seminggu tak basuh. Nampak elok saje. San suruh dia try Ayu punya sebab saiz promoter tu lebih kurang Ayu je. Memang cantik dan menarik! Harapnya Ayu suka sebab San rasa memang sesuai dengan Ayu. Tak sabar rasanya nak tengok Ayu pakai depan San. San harap Ayu akan pakai untuk San hujung minggu nie. Salam sayang untuk kekasihku,Mek Ayu.

Yang amat menyintai dan menyayangi dirimu,

Hasan Jendul

P/S : Kalau Ayu nak pakai, San nampak stail terbaru ialah dengan melipat bahagian depan dan menampakkan sedikit rambut.

n here.
kesengalan suami isteri.

dr ayang utk abg,

Dear abang,

Ayang nak mintak kebenaran abang untuk bawa anak-anak balik ke kampung. abang tak perlu hantar ayang sebab ayang mampu untuk bawa anak-anak ke kampung musim cuti sekolah ni dengan bas.. abang jagalah diri abang dan kereta abang baik-baik... cuma ada perkara yang ingin ayang luahkan disini... kereta baru abang tu mahal.. harga mencecah 100k barangkali.. sebab tu abang sayangkan kereta abang lebih dari ayang... sampaikan abang dah terlena dalam kereta abang tu sejak abang beli 3 bulan yang lalu dah masuk 3 malam... abang sayangkan kereta abang lebih dari ayang, nak tau ngape?

Harga kereta abang tu lebih mahal dari wang hantaran yang ayah ayang letakkan masa kita kahwin dulu.. cuba hantaran ayang lebih mahal dari harga kereta abang?
Tiap-tiap pagi abang mesti gosok kereta abang, nak nampak berkilat..tapi ayang nak dapat kiss g.morning pun susah

Sejak beli kereta tu, sebulan sekali macam-macam aksesori abang beli kat kereta, ayang nak dapat hadiah besday setahun sekali pun susah..
Kereta sebulan sekali abang servis, abang kata kena jaga maintainance. ..ayang nak dapat pi salon setahun sekali pun susah...
Kereta abang make up lawa-lawa.. tapi kalau ayang make up lawa-lawa abang kata ayang tak sedar diri kereta abang bagi makan minyak mahal-mahal cecah 100 setin pun ada, ayang nak makan pizza sekeping jer masa mengidam anak kedua kita abang kata ayang mengada-ngada.
Kereta abang kalau anak-anak sentuh sikit bodynya abang marah anak macam nak makan, ayang jatuh longkang besar boleh abang gelak..

Paling menyedihkan. .. ayang tanya ngape tidur dalam kereta? abang jawab takut orang curi kereta abang.. kalau ayang kena curi??

Ayang nak balik kampung dulu.. anak-anak nak jumpa atuk dengan nenek depa.. tak nak naik kereta abang takut calar.. ayang calar takpe.. jaga diri elok-elok, sarapan ayang dah sediakan. ayang pi tak lama sekolah bukak ayang balik lah dengan anak-anak.. pesanan ayang..



ni abang lak bagi....

Dear Ayang,

Bukanlah abang sayang keta tu lebih dr ayang.. tapi ayang kene faham keta tu keta bos abang. Nanti kalau ilang sapa nak ganti.. ayang abang suruh keja ayang xnak, ayang kata nak dok umah jaga anak,nak siap kan sarapan nak kemas umah tapi ayang tiap2 hari bgn tido kul 12.. macam mana nak wat keja umah...

Cuba lah ayang pk mana x abang tido dalam keta... abang balik keja lambat skit ayang dah kunci pintu..bukan nye abang gi foya2 kan abang gi keja...lagi satu pasal piza yang ayang ngidam tu.. ayang nak piza yg di oder dr jepun... mana lah abang ada duit nak oder.. abang nak bg apam balik yg jual kat depan ofis abang ni ayang xnak, ayang nak jugak piza dr jepun.. nasib baik abang x belikan kalau x anak kedua kita tu mesti muka cam doremon..ish xnak laa abang..

Pasal hadiah kan abang dah belikan tapi abang sembunyi kan kat dapur.. ayang yang tersalah buang ingatkan sampah... tulah abang suruh kemas umah tu ayang kata umah kita dah bersih tapi hadiah dgn sampah pun dah jadi serupa jek...hadiah tu mahal tau abang beli untuk ayang..

Sebenarnye abang sayang ayang lebih dr keta tu wlau pun hantaran masa kita kawin cuma rm8k..ayang x tau bpe kali abang turun naik bank nak wat loan rm8k..tapi demi ayang abang wat jugak..

sbb masa tu ayang kalau mekap mmg sebijik maya karin.. tapi sejak ayang wat rebonding 3 tahun lepas setiap kali ayang mekap abang terbayang lak muka pontianak dlm citer phsm.. bukan ayang x cantik tapi kening ayang tu gi cukur wat per.. walau pun abang selalu cukur janggut abang tapi ayang xyah laa nak cukur kening ayang tu....pasal morning kiss tu, ayang bangun pun dah tengahari nak morning kiss cam mana.. dah laa ayang.. abang malas nak citer..

Tapi abang nak bg tau jgk kat sini ayang tetap no 1 dlm hati abang..nanti kalau naik bas tu bebaik.. ayang nak balik kpg abang izinkan Cuma jgn lupa kim salam kat mak ayah kat sana .. kalau ada gulai tempoyak ke nanti jgn lupa bwk balik skit..

Kalau ada lembu terlepas ke ayang xyah laa susah2 gi kejar lembu tu... biar jek.. nnti abang balik kpg abang kejar kan ..bukan apa takut lembu tu tanduk ayang nnti bukan stakat calar jek silap2 leh masuk hspital. abang kene tanduk xpe..

Jaga anak2 baik2 jgn bagi diorang main kat sungai musim2 banjir ni.. nak dpt anak bukan senang takut nnti ayang ngidam lagi piza jepun lak lagi haru.. baik jaga jek yg dah ada tu..ayang pun jaga diri baik2.. jgn sampai jatuh longkang lagi.. hehe.. abang mmg xnak ketawa masa tu tapi nak wat cam mana ayang jatuh kepala dulu yang masuk longkang...dah laa rambut ayang masa tu baru lepas rebonding.. mmg abang ketawa...hahahhahah ahahha

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