Saturday, May 22, 2010

in and out.up and down.

interpret those words.
yeah i got a problem
i'm always caught in situations
with the wrong timing
wrong places
wrong persons
wrong decisions
it all just came to me just now
thank you scrubs for teaching me this
-i was watching scrubs ok?-
and sometimes i want things to be right
they go all wrong
and i ended up frustrated
then i taught myself how to cope with that frustration
i keep away from people
and put on a shield
which thankfully my face is a gift
my face is a natural sour-face
most people said i'm sombong
thank you
i'm not sombong
i just don't want to get stuck in stupid situations
and be frustrated in the end
and i have to do the cycle all over again
got stuck in a certain situation
put on high hopes
high hopes crumbles
shield-on:sour face.
and then labelled 'sombong'
whatever you call it.
i'm trying to live here
don't make my life more miserable than it is
cause i'm pathetic
cause i make mistakes a lot
it's not really my fault that i was stuck in this stupid god-forsaken situations
i don't want to blame anyone on this
because i can't
i won't

i'm just miserable.
what is wrong with it?
everyone is.

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