Saturday, May 15, 2010

a glimpse of my life back in kelantan.

i went back to kelantan a few days ago
these are what i manage to take
juz a little glimpse of here n there

this is my sister's medals and trophys collection
they were state badminton players
and mine was just a few from school
really2 few...haha
and on the right is my mom's glass collection
it's been there for ages
n agak berhabok la sbb lame x bukak

my home is exactly infront of that hill
tp malangnye bukit itu bernama
Bukit Panau
cam sengal
pokok2 bunga cm x terurus ckit
cuz usually my mom is the one who manages them
it was so flowery when we lived there
but now
it's juz lalang.
i didn't take much picture of it

this was in my grandmother's house
it's still there and still standing strong
now my aunt lives here
juz a few differences here n there
it was painted new
and the picture below was the latest picture of the house
n there's my cousin sleeping
cute little adam.

it was all a piece of me.
i grew up playing around this house
we would play around
and the house will shake about
n i kinda get scared wether is going down or not
and i'll sit quietly
and my cousins and i will usually go to the shop next door
and by junk food and stuffs
and play around

the good old days.
 more to come.


  1. asal kelate ko guano?
    bukit pana jalan tanoh meroh tu ko?

  2. penah dok klate dlu
    skola kt tanah merah
    ye kot
    bukit panau kt jln tnh merah tu kot..
    x brp igt..huhu

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