Saturday, November 6, 2010

thank you, forgive me.

i have been everyone's great disappointment
my mom,my dad,me
and you
and i never thought that it would hurt you this much
forgive me
i think i have the talent to disappoint everyone that i love

but i thank you
for giving me this one chance
one last chance
to make things right
to change myself
to make me worthy
for my own sake
because i don't want to lose  you
i don't want not being friends with you
i cherish those moments
even in the future
even we are not meant to be together
i want to have a memory with you
and i don't want to ruin those moments again
just because of my selfishness

i'm sorry
and thanks
for giving this one last chance
and i'm not going to ruin it.

i miss you a lot, teddy.

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