Wednesday, June 30, 2010


is pronounced as what the fuck
but usually i'd go like
and the 'uck' won't be there
so much for censorships
today, well tuesday,
a day like any other
same old same old
went to work
and as usual
the waiting
the serving
the welcoming
and tomorrow is pay day~!
but i need to pay my house rent first
so there goes rm78
i want to buy at least two pair of jeans
so that's all for the moment
i'll think of what i want to do with the money
so.okay.back to the wtf thingy
it was almost 4pm
and there was this aunty.
she was kinda a regular customer at papa john's
i've seen her a few times
so i got to talk to her, since i really,really, REALLY am bored
and here comes the WTF
'u dari mane eh?u indonesian ke?'
do i look like an indonesian????
am i that short to be indonesian???????????? my defense.
i said that i'm a local.
i live here. in bandar mahkota cheras.
i'm still in electronic engineering.
take that, aunty.
and yes, she did say, 'wow, i x sangka u amek electronic ya.'
ya.sangka sangka!
thank god u r a customer
and customer is always right.
i had to keep that in mind.
i've got a lot of people telling me that i look like chinese
and some said that i'm not pure malay or something
but tragically, yes TRAGICALLY.
this is the first time i was said that i looked like an Indonesian.
nice one aunty.
thank god u r our regular customer.
come again~!nice chatting with you!

and as usual, lily is known for her camwhoring skills.

can't wait for payday.

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