Sunday, June 27, 2010

uncertainties at 4am.

as you all know
my hair is naturally wavy.
- observe profile picture -
and last year
i straightened my hair.
loved it.
my natural wavy hair is growing back
and somehow
they are growing PERFECTLY.
i know, i'm loving the straights
but then the way that the wavy grows back's just perfect
i thought i should do something with my hair
which uses money
or wait for the entire original wavy hair to grow back
which takes time
so its time versus money.
i pretty much don't mind about the hair
cuz my hair how u say it
but feel free to comment
it's just one of those days
i can't make up my mind
and it is almost 4am in the morning
reason i can't sleep?
just found this new anime that drives me crazy.haha
very funny anyways.
kaichou wa maid-sama~! (the president is a maid~!)
makes me go MOE~!
don't know the meaning of moe?
please google it. XD
cute is equivalent to Ouran High School Host Club.
and Fruits Basket. it is a bit of harem though, but it is totally awesome~!
of course you've got your typical ignorant,sly and cool hero
and your enthusiastic, guy-hating heroin who eventually falls in love with the hero XD
but it makes you go MOE~~~~!! kyaafun~!
- otaku mode unleashed. -
it's been awhile since there's this kind of anime.
it's fun to watch.and read the manga as well.
there's romance, comedy
and more of life in it
just great.

blabbering ends here.
nyte2 everyone.

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