Saturday, June 12, 2010

exciting friday!

yay yay yay
bare with me people
it's quite a good friday today 
and hell yeah
i'm feeling pretty good
let's begin
today, i started work at 8am
and when i want to make my way into jusco
i couldn't find the way
i took sometime
and then finally i found the way
cuz its my first time working at 8am
then we got audited today
of all days~why today
so i juz gotta work following the standard procedures
only when the guy is there
he's so freakin CEREWET
he observes everything really closely
grr grrr
but anyways
it was a fun today working
everyone was awesome
but i kinda went home at 5pm sharp
for some reason i was realllllly tired
dunno why
then i got home
and on my laptop
cuz friday is BLEACH day
and other mangas too
and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST final chapter was awesome~!
i guess that is what made my day
Alphonse got his body back
but basically he is just bones and skin
Edward got his right hand but unfortunately he didn't get back his left leg
and the thing in the flask is defeated!
and Edward found the true meaning of TRUTH!
oh mannnnn
and Edward is so tall in the end
and the way he confesses to Winry
is so in an alchemist way
'equivalent exchange.i'll give you half of my give me half of yours!'
this is what Winry replied..
'you are really want half?i'll give you all of it.'
awww....somehow romantic~
i can't wait to see it in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
i'm just kinda happy that Ed finally got tall
poor little thing
oh typical Kurosaki Ichigo
he chickened out before the big battle.
but really, how strong is Aizen?
he's so damn strong and i don't know what kind of power he posses
and Ichimaru Gin.
i don't know what plans does he have in his mind
he's a freak that follows Aizen
but anyways
i know the hero will prevail
and yeah, Kurosaki Isshin is there for Ichigo
he's gonna teach Ichigo the final Getsuga Tensho.
how many are there?
i know there's only one.
and finally NARUTO.
in the depths of the nine-tailed fox,
he found his mother!
his mother was beautiful though
she has red hair
and the same way of speaking like Naruto.
it was fun reading today's manga

really really exciting.
because it's Manga Day.

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