Wednesday, June 15, 2011

to you.

it started by a sweet, sweet crush.
i never imagined us together.
then i took a chance.
we got closer.
i got happier.
and you were sending me signals,signals that even you don't realize.
signals that made me fall so deep for you.
we got even more closer.
and i'm really happy of what we have now.
it's just you are so far away.
i wish to see you.
i wish to hold your hand.
i wish to kiss you.
i wish to hug you.
i wish to just sitting beside you and doing nothing.

but i'm glad i kept apart of you in my heart.
and i'll just wait for the moment you will say those magic words to me.
no matter how long it takes.
no matter how painful it is going to be.
no matter how sad is going to be.

i will wait for you.

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