Monday, September 13, 2010

semakin merepek.

kita dikejutkan dengan berita kehilangan businesswoman jutawan itu
datuk sosilawati lawiya
dan 3 orang seangkatan
yg hilang almost sebulan lalu
and lebih kurang sehari
i think it was this morning or yesterday
berita mereka ni dibunuh, dibakar n dibuang
was suddenly malaysia's new buzz
aside from the new sultan kelantan news
u think i don't follow the news?
aku tanaklah jadi jahil sangat kan
amek tau jugak lah
this post, i just want to say that semakin lame, semakin merepek kes bunuh kat malaysia ni
bukan takat buang anak
tembak diri sendiri
ni bunuh, n then bakar
and i feel mcm cliche
because clearly
whoever killed datuk sosilawati
is just jealous of her success
and that jealousness has turned into fury
thus ending up killing her and the other 3
oh, where is your compassionate feelings, you stupid human?
and it is said that
from bernama news
that their body was mixed with cow poop and petrol just to make it burn faster
leaving only the bones behind
it is an indian tradition, but i didn't expect cow poop
-but nice chemistry thinking right there, boosts up combustion-
eight were arrested, including a it's obviously something about their business politics.
macam cite melayu kat tv3.
back to pondering.
aku tgh saket dade ni mengah.
cepat baek lah batok

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