Monday, September 6, 2010

being strong.

i've known this girl for my whole life.

she grew up in a modest family.

they were not too rich, not too poor. but they've gone through hard times. and she managed to live, but her life was rather dull.when she was in her teenage years, she always kept to herself, always cutting connections from other people. she felt comfortable alone. her parents were working parents, and they both lived separately, but still married. she felt that she spent less time with her parents, especially with her dad. she really felt left out, because she hoped to spend more time with her dad, and getting to know her dad better. regardless of what her father was, she loved her father.

her mother was really loving, strict and whatever a mother supposed to be. she was always there for her, nurtured her, and among her siblings, she was the one that her mother took great care. she was thankful that her mother was always there, despite how busy she is, how tired she is. she is really thankful that she had a mother who bears everything.

then she grew up.she went through a lot.she learnt a lot.she changed.but deep down, she is still the little vulnerable girl that i have always known.

today, she had a lot in her mind. what if her family, as she knows it, will crumble and come falling down?what if her parents were living separately, again?what if?there were a lot of what if's in her mind, she is afraid that she could not think straight.then she realizes that, it is okay to cry, it is okay to be sad, but she must move on with her life and try to be strong. she wants to be happy, but being happy has a price to pay.

she wanted to feel true happiness, but happiness seems to be off her way.she had to go after it, with cuts, bruises on her heart, just to feel it. she does not want to be stupid anymore. because now, she is all grown up. she should be strong by now. even how hard everything is going to fall, she must be strong to walk again.because everything was not going her way, so she decided that to accept what has been fated for her and accept life as it is.

now, she'll just put up with everything that lies upon matter how matter how bitter.

she'll stay strong.                                                                                            

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