Sunday, September 19, 2010


the first thing i thought after i got home from going out
is 'oh i gotta type this out'
the truth of the whole two weeks of raya
when i'm at home
the moment i got home, i think it was 1st of september
i was just recovering from the fever i got
my cough was just fine
and the following days
i buka puasa at the surau
and after few days of breaking fast there
i got back my fever
maken trok okehhh
i couldn't get up and move too much
and my voice wouldn't come out
and i was like mute for a few days
then raya came
on the way to sabak bernam
i was asleep
and when i got to my step grandma's house
i had to look lively
dude, it's raya
and i got better as the day goes on
but i didn't take that much picture this raya
camera unavailable
and i was kinda moody cuz i was sick on raya!
no fun at all
then i got back home
sick again
i was lying down the whole time
it got worse the day after
but then i ate dad's medicine
and it effected me like hell
i was like...slow for quite sometime
i was totally blanked out
mcm bengap gitu
but then
i was getting better
thank god i didn't have to go to the hospital
mom said it was the tonsils
it was swollen
and i might have to throw it out if it gets worse
but then, i got better
the cough is not completely gone
but hey, glad those fever are gone
so today
as today meaning,  it's Saturday
and it's gonna be Sunday
and Sunday means, i've gotta go back to MELAKAA
with nothing done yet
so i just got back from mcd
and something funny happened
it was raining
and i was enjoying the fries
i sat by the window
then, i realized that something was flying towards me
and it hit the glass window
oh, poor little birdie
i laughed
mimi went of like 'eh, tak baik la gelakkan burung tu, kesian die.'
eh.i better kesiankan the strangers yang x pasal2 kene marah dgn kau la
wat la
i don't want to go back to melakaaaaaa
xpe lah
sambung sedikit kerja.

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