Wednesday, October 6, 2010


bonamana by super junior
and the video is not mine~

happy october!
it's october!
i can't believe it.
time goes fast
oh yes, enjoy that suju video
very catchy n dope!
love them
so nothing much happened.
i'm pretty much happy.
and i just watched jonah hex.
not that much a movie.
no wonder critics gave the movie a C
i wanted to watch cuz there's megan fox in it
she is HOT
if i were a lesbian, i'd hit her.
are we talking lesbian dreams right now?
shame,shame lily.
i'm 100% straight
yes, i just think megan fox is hot, and i know that girls out there would die to have her divine looks and figure
even me
and the best thing about megan fox
she doesn't care much
her eyes are just goddess like.
i'd die for those eyes!

-megan fox dreams-

so, finally i'm free
free as in i'm no more naib pengerusi kelab kasawari
but i'm still involved in secretariat thingy
this time it's NASA
just to gain experience
i'd like to try things
and in various aspects
-lily is being sooooooo optimistic right now-
i have nothing that i'm good at
lemme rephrase that
i do not know what i'm good at
but if i'm given something to do
a responsibility
and i think i can do it
i'll give my 100% cooperation
and there is no forcing in the situation
this is just another side of me
i just want to see what i'm capable of
apart of studying, sitting at home, getting myself fatter
hehe.very true you know.

so,nothing much for now.
i've got two more assignments 
and a presentation
and final's are coming soon
i'm aiming for the dean's list this semester.
gotta work hard.
and get my migraine pills ready.
nah.i'm good.


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